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Hi there, my name is Paulina and I recently completed the UX/UI Boot Camp at UC Berkeley after graduating from the Industrial Design Program at California State University, Long Beach in 2022. Now based in the Bay Area, I am excited to apply the knowledge and skills gained from both my academic background and boot camp experience to future opportunities.

Enthusiastic to work alongside other designers and professionals who are just as passionate as I am. I believe products can be truly innovated when people from different backgrounds, experiences, and mindsets work together in the design process. My design goal is to create solutions to problems and enhance the user experience. 


If you're interested in delving deeper into my background and the projects I've been involved in, feel free to get in touch. I'm readily available for a chat and happy to share more about what I do!

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Entrepreneur Product Designer

September 2022 - Present


2020 - Present

Entrepreneur / Business Owner

2016 - 2018

De La Torre Designs, Hollister, CA

Managed design projects for local businesses to improve their brand identity to create solutions for a better user and customer experience through interaction web design. Skills: Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving.

  • Improved brand identity for 3 local businesses through interactive web design.

  • Increased customer engagement up to 20% through creating and presenting marketing concepts and research.

  • Increased profits by 3% - 7% for business owners by collaborating on innovative website, menu, poster, and social media ads designs.

La Catrina, Hollister, CA

Led a dynamic team in providing exceptional service and operational efficiency. Through effective leadership and innovation, I enhanced customer satisfaction, optimized operational processes, and drove revenue growth.

  • Led a team of 20+ employees to deliver exceptional service and drive revenue growth.

  • Mentored staff to improve customer service and problem-solving skills, fostering a culture of excellence.

  • Achieved an 11% revenue increase through operational optimization and strategic marketing initiatives.

Nikté, San Jose, CA

Transformed a passion for Mexican craftsmanship into a thriving enterprise specializing in handmade footwear and handbags imported from Mexico.

  • Imported shoes and handbags from Mexico, expanding the customer base to include international clients and increasing profits by 25%.

  • Orchestrated all facets of the business, from sales and administration to deliveries, social media management, and customer service, ensuring every customer's seamless and delightful experience.

  • Negotiation with business owners resulted in a strategic partnership.


April - October 2023 

UC - Berkeley


CSU - Long Beach

Hongik University

Fall 2021

UX/UI Design

  • Developed mobile prototypes and web designs, demonstrating proficiency in design and implementation.

  • Led diverse project teams, showcasing effective leadership and teamwork skills.

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design

  • Maintained a 3.92 GPA while actively engaging in design community and competitions.

  • Developed strong analytical skills and deep understanding of design principles and processes.

  • Participated in the Design Student Association, collaborating with the team to host events and activities.

Study abroad in Seoul, South Korea.​

  • Learned to present projects and professional Portfolios to professionals.

  • Basic Korean language skills.

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